Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Clara's Victorian Half Cape and Dress

Clara is dressed for chilly weather with a beautiful Victorian half-cape, a flowered bonnet, and leather boots. This fashion design is from the 1850s, when the Victorian half cape became popular.

The dress under the cape is a practical day dress. The design is pretty simple, and would be worn for everyday activities.

The boots would be leather, and are beautifully made with scalloped edges. The boots are pretty sturdy, and could be worn everyday as well.

The bonnet completes the ensemble, with silk roses and trim. This hat has a cute ruffle at the bottom, with a beautiful bow that ties under Clara's chin.

The original cape is made of quilted silk in a delicate shade of taupe with an ivory lining. The dress is a dark blue velvet corduroy. The bonnet is made from a matching blue velvet, and trimmed with red and white roses, along with white ruffles. The button-up scalloped edge boots are a medium tan leather.

Be creative with your coloring. I simply provided the original colors as a reference for the paper doll's outfit. You may also be interested to know that along with white, ivory, and gray, these were some of the popular colors for clothing in the 1850s:

To print Clara's Victorian Half Cape and Dress, use this PDF file:
Clara's Dress 1 (631k)

Clara is a free, printable paper doll. Clara will be available on this blog as long as I continue to post new fashion pages for her. You can read the introduction for the Clara paper doll here.

To print the Clara paper doll, use this PDF file:
The Clara Paper Doll (718k)

If you like my paper dolls enough to want to share with others, please email or post a link to my blog rather than sending or posting a copy of the paper dolls. Refer your friends so they can enjoy the free, printable paper dolls on my blog. Please do not post my artwork on your own sites, modify any of the files, or distribute them to others.

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