Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Clara's 1980s Jumper

After I finished Clara's outfit for this week, I looked at her, and she looked very hot. Maybe it was just because we were in Maryland and it was 92° with very high humidity. It was sticky and I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to wear a turtleneck in that weather. Now, back here in Arizona today it's about 108°. Even hotter than Maryland and definitely not turtleneck weather.

Now, I never did like wearing turtlenecks, even though they were quite popular in the 80s, when I was a teen. The high neck made me feel claustrophobic. But they were the style for winter wear for quite a while, and you know Clara needs to be stylish. Clara's outfit for today is a cute Jumper with some daisies. The stems of the daisies decorate the edge of two pleats that give the jumper a little flare. And I made a version with a t-shirt instead of the turtleneck, so Clara gets a summer and winter version of her jumper.

Clara's shoes are penny loafers... back in style from the 1950s, along with some bobby socks. The penny loafers could be black or brown, or they could be dyed blue, green, red or teal. For some of those who may not be familiar with penny loafers, there is a little slot in the top of the shoe... a sort of pocket made by the design cut into the band across the shoes. You would tuck a penny in each little pocket as a fashion statement of some sort. It was one of those inexplicable fads that seem logical at the time, but just look silly now.

In the 1980s, bright colors and patterns were very popular. The original jumper was grey with red and white daisies. The turtleneck was ivory. The penny loafers were plain black leather. Along with black, white, and gray, here are some colors found in the clothing of the 80s:

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Clara's Dress 19 (747k)

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  1. I had navy blue penny loafers and I put nickels in mine instead of pennies.