Tuesday, May 3, 2011

1930 Daisy Dress

This week, Clara is wearing a beautiful spring dress from about 1930. The scalloped collar is surrounded by little daisies, and the petal sleeves are a nice touch. The dresses of the previous decade were characterized by dropped waists or no waists at all. However, the boyish, straight lines of the Roaring 20s were gradually replaced by the more feminine, flowing lines of the 1930s. Waistlines were coming back into style in the 30s, although some dresses — like Clara's other dress here — still had dropped waists. This dress has not only a natural waistline, but also a scalloped drop waist.

Hats also took on a more feminine look, as brims widened to frame the longer, softly curled hair that had come into fashion. This hat is reminiscent of the close-fitting cloches of the 20s, with its low, tight cap, but the brim is a floppy, wide style. A silk ribbon and bow are the finishing touches for Clara's straw hat.

Clara also has some cute shoes to go with the dress. The silk slip-on shoes are trimmed with rhinestone bows. The bows were clip-on brooches that could be removed and exchanged for a bow or another decoration. By putting on a new decoration, the shoes could be worn with more outfits.

The original dress is a red calico print with white trim. The collar is also red, also with white trim. The daisies were white with green stems and leaves. The hat is straw dyed into a nice shade of coral with a matching ribbon. The shoes were black silk with silver trim and clear rhinestone bows. Please don't use the original colors for the entire outfit, since the coral hat definitely does not go with a red dress!

You may also be interested to know that along with white, tan, and ivory, these were some of the popular colors for clothing in the early 1930s:

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Clara's Dress 8 (580k)

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The Clara Paper Doll (718k)

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  1. Thanks for the cute new dress! It will be great to add to the collection. :)
    The kids had a good time working on their dolls and clothes this past week. Thank you!